Preparing the Garden

With just two-weeks left until Memorial Day (our last frost date here), my husband and I got some more work done in our back garden today.
Over the past few weeks I’ve tilled, weeded, raked and moved wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow load of dirt into the backyard. Mixed with the compost I’ve been working on all last year, this garden is ready to go!
With a potential move this year I had previously decided to grow all our vegetables in containers, but after looking at the big dirt spot that would remain while we are showing the house, I realized that was not a good plan. I’ve decided to plant half of the vegetables I started in the ground to show the potential for our little lot… after all, it is the Little Farm that Could!

Today we fenced off an area to keep the hens out.

I planted our Kale, Salad mix, Radishes and Snap Peas about two weeks ago – we’re almost ready for our first fresh salad! We planted our Carrots and Broccoli last week, and our Corn & Green Beans today. All of the above, except the radishes and green bean are in containers or the two large wine barrels in my herb garden. Since radishes and green beans grow quickly and are early weather crops, we’ll be able harvest them soon.

As for the hens, how did they feel about losing half the yard for scratching, digging and napping? Well, they had a few things to say . . .

sassafras lhupfront


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