No plant left behind!

This week I spent a bunch of time in my herb garden splitting and transplanting my perennials. I have a decent sized herb garden where we live now, which has several well established herbs – choked out by mint though they may be. I planted the mint two years ago in an attempt to choke out the onion grass which grows rampant there. I had given up on the idea of having my vegetable garden there – not only did the squirrels think it was their spot to hide peanuts, but it got way too much sun.
My husband generously allowed me to tear up the one spot on our property that had nice grass, and my giant garden / chicken yard was born.

In the time since the side garden was established as an herb bed, it’s seen it’s share of new herbs – mint, spearmint, yarrow, lemon balm, sage, rosemary, lavender, marjoram, basil, burdock and echinechea. Some have done well (aka – forced themselves upon the others) and others have been all but destroyed (I could scarcely find my marjoram amidst all the mint!!)

I was able to take cuttings or split entire plants for all of the above minus the burdock and echinechea which I am NOT leaving behind! Being my first year splitting plants, it was an adventure. My neighbors must think I’m nuts. I apologized profusely to my lavender plants as I stabbed it with a shovel to break it apart, and begged it to forgive my ignorance if I killed it as I had very little idea of what I was doing… google can only prepare you so much. My burdock I cradled like a little baby and carefully tucked the carrot like roots into a deep pot with fresh soil and water.

So far, everyone (aka the plants) seem like they are going to make it. There was the normal drooping and pouting but they seem to have perked up. Not bad for another year of winging it!


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