Only a few weeks away . . .

Spring is starting to take hold here in Connecticut! The last few days have been warmer and sunny, which has allowed for a lot of much needed yard work and garden preparations!
With my husband and I potentially listing our house for sale in just a few weeks, it has drastically changed my gardening plans! Originally I drew out a to-scale outline of my garden and where each plant would go. Since we may not be here when all the plants are ready to be harvested, I have had to revamp my plan to an all-container garden.
I have done some plants in containers before, but not our entire annual harvest, so this should be interesting! I’ve also had to redesign the back yard so that it won’t look like an empty dirt patch begging for plants, and more like a usable space for potential buyers!
My last few days off from work I spent outdoors, raking leaves and transplanting a mound of dirt one shovel full at a time to the back garden. I even foolishly got the first sunburn of the year when I forgot to put on sunscreen after taking off my winter-weather layers!

All of the indoor plants are doing well, I am so happy with our tomato plants!
Cherry Tomatoes
We’re officially under 50 days as of today for the countdown to Planting Day! =)


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