Don’t let a cold keep you down!

There are so many options nowadays, from cold prevention to treatment, and it can be overwhelming! I’m the type that avoids the conventional doctor, and take medications almost never.  Whil living a healthy lifestyle is critical to maintaining health, try adding these herbs to you meals, teas, or takes a supplements to support your immune system!

1)Before you get sick:

Echinachea – This familiar herb supports your immune and lymphatic systems. It fights infections and bacteria before they can take hold and cause those dreadful cold and flu symptoms that can ruin your day. Echinachea is great in teas, but can be found in capsule form as well.

Red Clover – Less popular than Echinachea, red clover is a wonderful herb. Red Clover is relaxing, anti-inflammatory and restores your energy, and has a mild, sweet taste the blends well with stronger-tasting herbs. Try spearmint, ginger or cinnamon for great warming blends!


 2) Get over a cold quickly!

Elderberry – This super-hero of the cold and flu world, Elderberry has gained popularity over the past few years for it’s ability to shorten and reduce cold and flu symptoms, and can even stop a cold from developing if taken at the onset of symptoms. Elderberry is available in many forms – dried/raw, teas, tablets and even a syrup that can be mixed into juice, water or teas for an extra boost.

Ginger –  Ginger is anti-inflammatory, will reduce nausea and settle upset stomachs. It’s spicy, warming nature makes it a great additive to teas and asian stir fry – just remember a little goes a long way! Make sure you peel or cut the outer skin off prior to use.

Garlic – Most common as a dish ingredient, garlic has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. It’s antibacterial properties are amazing. It is also a natural expectorant which will help clear out your sinuses and ditch the tissues! Add garlic to your pasta, stir-fry or sauteed veggies!

Intended for informational purposes only. Consult your physician prior to making any changes in your diet or medications.


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