Looking forward to 2014

Hello all –

This is the first blog for out little farm. My husband and I currently reside in Connecticut on a small property. Our garden is about 30′ x 8′, where we grow most of the produce that sustains us all summer, fall and early winter. We also have coop in the garden where our three laying hens live. This was our first year keeping chickens, and we learned a lot. Like how you should never order a “straight run” of chickens, assuming you’ll only get 1 or 2 roosters, especially when you live in a close-quartered neighborhood where one nuisance complaint could cost you your chicken-keeping rights! While we were unlucky enough to get not just 1, 2 or 3 roosters, but a whopping FIVE, we were lucky enough to have neighbors  who did not complain at the occasional early morning crow.

I wanted to start this blog partly as a way to track the learning experiences that we encounter, partly to track the success and failures in our annual garden, but also to share all of those with others. It is far better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to relive them yourself.

My husband and I have several goals for the upcoming new year. As much  as we love our little house, we want to have far more outdoor space whre we can enjoy some privacy, raise more chickens, expand our garden and hopefully take on a goat or two. We want to increase our knowledge and skill as far as canning and preserving our annual harvests so that we aren’t struck with the ever expanding grocery bill as we deplete our few stores when winter arrive.

Eating better, making healthier lifestyle choices and simply enjoying all that nature has to offer is an on-going goal, but I think we are ready to implement a few more changes to our diets and routines.

I hope to gain some readership so we can share ideas, compare methods and exchange advice. I certainly have plenty left to learn, so here’s to 2014 – may it be a year of learning, joy and great successes!


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