Whole Strawberries in Syrup

strwbry4The recipe I am sharing today is for the whole strawberries. These were easy to do, and came out so delicious! They would make an excellent pie or tart filling, or ladled over fresh ice cream. READ MORE.

Loaded Hummus Vegetable Sandwich

veggiesandfinish I love hummus — on crackers, toast, or fresh cut vegetables like peppers, carrots, celery – you name it, I’ll eat it! One of my favorite ways to add hummus to my diet is by including it in wraps and sandwiches. READ MORE

Tomato & Zucchini Quinoa Bowl


I love recipes that are filling, fresh. and delicious… and that came from absolutely nowhere. This recipe is another that I whipped up one night when I only had a few items left in the fridge to cook with – a tomato, half a zucchini, some onion, chicken thighs, and bag of quinoa in the pantry.  READ MORE

Quinoa Vegetable Egg Rolls

My husband and I are big fans of egg roll and wonton wrappers. Sold in the produce department, these are super easy to use, and so versatile. I love them for quick snacks, lunches, or for when we do our own Asian food nights. Interested in making your own? READ MORE

How to Keep A Garden Journal


Keeping a log or journal can seem like a daunting task at first – how do you get started? What do you need? I’ve found that over the years my needs have changed, and being open to adapting and changing your format is key to a successful journal.READ MORE

DIY: Natural, 5-Ingredient Mascara


I made the switch to natural and organic cosmetics a few years back, when I started removing chemicals from my home, diet and body products. I make my own lip balms and body creams, as well as my own soap bars. But make my own mascara? Are you insane? How was that even possible? READ MORE


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