The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

hardboiled2If you have chickens, or even just access to fresh eggs, no doubt you have started to look for different ways to use them all up. One favorite in our house is making deviled eggs, which means hard-boiling the eggs first. Should be pretty simple, right? READ MORE

Honeybee Hive Set-Up

Yesterday I prepared the site and setup the beehives for the honeybees we have coming at the end of next week. READ MORE

April Update

What have we been up to during the last 2-3 months as Spring arrives and we break free of our winter hibernation? READ MORE

Household Items You Shouldn’t Be Throwing Out

Did you know there are a lot of items people throw in the garbage that can serve more than their original, intended purpose? A lot of food scraps, packaging and old or damaged items can have a new life, if you just think outside of the box! READ MORE

Coming Soon:

Vegetable Tacos w/Black Bean Guacamole
DIY: Crushed Hot Pepper
Recipes for Farm Fresh Eggs
DIY Mascara Recipe
How to Keep A Garden Journal
The Arrival of our Honeybees

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