Life in Woodford is a small blog, following the every day adventures of our family and homesteading adventures. We feature DIYs for homestead life, craft tutorials, and fresh, exciting recipes for table and pantry!

Check out some of our recent feature posts below, as well as a preview for some of the great recipes and projects to come! We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Blueberry Mint Cocktail

Check out this recipe for a fresh cocktail that is great for summer and fall! It’s a simple, yet beautiful drink that is sure to impress guests. READ

Canning Peach Slices

This was our first year canning peaches, and it couldn’t have been easier. The peaches have held their sweetness, shape, and texture quite well, much to my husband’s delight, as peaches are his favorite fruit . . . This recipe is easy, and creates a light syrup that does not overwhelm the peaches’ natural flavor.  READ

Quinoa & Vegetable Egg Rolls


This recipe for DIY egg rolls is super simple, and really delicious. It only take a few minutes to prepare and roll, and maybe 2-minutes absolute tops to cook them. But you can add any filling you want to your egg rolls or wontons. READ


Strawberry Preserves


Making your own strawberry preserves is easy, and really worth the time! This recipe for homemade preserves is everything you want in a jam – sweet and warming while still accenting the strawberries’ natural freshness! READ

Peach & Blueberry Breakfast Crisp


This wonderful recipe is for a breakfast-style crisp, as this recipe isn’t very sweet the way a dessert crisp or cobbler would be. The fruit is fresh, and the topping has a hint of sweet, while still being reminiscent of a nice granola. We ate ours on its own, but it would be delicious with a yogurt of your choice (we enjoy the almond or soy milk based yogurts), or a scoop of almond milk ice cream for a not-too-sweet dessert! READ


Jalapeño Salsa
Rustic Lentil & Chicken

Favorite Homesteading Books

Turmeric & Honey Facial Cleanse
How to Store Root Vegetables
Spiced Bourbon Apple Butter


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